What's so great about your tee shirts?

These shirts are fortified with nine essential vitamins and minerals. Also, they are very nice colors. The reds are very red, much redder than just plain red. Similarly, the blues are very blue. The designs on these shirts are designed for maximum appeal across all timezones and continents, they're poetic, yet punchy. What else could you ask for? Also, the shirt material itself is very nice. They're printed on American Apparel!

Why do you print on American Apparel?

We realized that all our favorite shirts were printed on American Apparel. They're as soft as clouds, tough as diamonds and made from farm-raised cotton. Also, they're the only shirts we've seen that live up to the title of "Insanely Great". Now, they cost a few bucks more than some other shirts, though they last longer and make you look smarter. Surely you agree that it's worth it.

How are your shirts printed?

All our shirts are screen printed. We screen print because screen prints just look nicer. There are lots of other ways that people print shirts nowadays, though we think that screen prints rock. It's also long-lasting. Archeologists will find your screenprinted shirt someday, probably near your old computers that you couldn't bear to throw away.

How big are your shirts?

You can check our size chart here

I want to get extra-extra-extra small shirts! Why don't you make them?

We didn't make any extra small or ultra large shirts because we don't know how much demand there is for these sizes. If you'd like to have such sizes, send us some email. We'll sit down and if there are enough of you we'll make it happen!

How do you get shirts off the internet and onto my body?

It's a complicated process, though let us explain it to you. All our shirts are made by Penguins on the south pole, and then imported via a series of pneumatic tubes to New York City, where we inspect each shirt for maximum greatness and package them up with the Insanely Great Seal of Approval. Now for the hard part, getting them to you. Here's how - There's a man that comes to our place every day and knocks on our door. We say hello and then give him some shirts, which he carries down to his little truck. He brings them to an office, where he weighs the shirts. Then he puts it in another truck, and then an airplane. This airplane flies right over your house, and the airplane man pushes your shirt out the plane window. Then another man is waiting on the ground and catches the shirt in an envelope and writes your name on it (so your roommates don't wear it!). Then he presses your doorbell, adds your signature to his autograph collection, and you get to wear an awesome shirt.

Really, how do you ship your shirts?

We've got a warehouse in Maryland who ship for us! We can use USPS, UPS, and Fedex for the shipping.

What about international shipping?

You can choose between USPS and Fedex for international orders. Prices depend on how many shirts you're getting!  Be warned that USPS can take quite a while and there's no tracking.

What's the deal with the Newsletter?

We use it to send out the occasional announcement of a new design, special offer, and other noteworthy things that we think you'll get a kick out of. You can join the newsletter on our homepage.

Can you print my designs?

We're always interested in people with good ideas, sharp eyes and nimble fingers. Head over to our Contact page and send us some links to your awesome work!

What kind of computers do you guys use?

We are fond of very fast computers. Also, very small computers, unless they have very big screens, in which case, we are willing to be flexible.